An origin is the point where something begins and in this episode we learn about the origins of Demarchoe's story. They stretch back to the origin of North Tulsa, through the decimation of black wall street. Gangs originated from fear and mistrusted as a form of protection. An angry white mob burning schools and churches and businesses to the ground was the origin of a less educated community impoverished community. Poverty, lack of education, gang interaction, and other oppressive factors are the origin of Demarchoe's wrongful conviction.


The evolution of the community

A once prosperous black community is now filled with crime and gangs and fear. How did Black Wallstreet become North Tulsa? Check out these links:


What does a gang member look like?

The answer isn't scandalous, it's not even bad, they look like the rest of us. They act like the rest of us... because they are us.

These kids are looking for direction, for identification. Kids join gangs because they need a father figure or they want to be part of a group.
— Jesse White

I met with a number of people who had been part of a gang in some way while researching this podcast. I never once felt on edge or nervous with these individuals. In fact, I received nothing, but kindness, honesty, and respect. 


Demarchoe's Recovery


Demarchoe was a teenager - the age when we all feel a little insecure - but he had a colostomy bag. Basically part of his intestine was diverted out through his stomach and the waste that an intestine produces goes into a bag worn over top of it. It's not fun, it's not easy, and when you are an insecure teenager it's especially unpleasant. 

So, Until Next Time, thank you so much, for listening!
— Brooke