In Season 2 of Convicted we talk about Demarchoe's story of wrongful conviction. Episodes will be released mid to late September.

Demarchoe Carpenter was seventeen when he was convicted of murder. He has spent the rest of his life wondering why... because Demarchoe was not guilty. A broken justice system had sentenced him to spend the rest of his life in Prison. Twenty two years later he was exonerated, but he can never get that time back.

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Ep 201 Perceptions

Ep 202 Perceptions

Ep 203 Karen

Sadly his wrongful conviction isn't an isolated incident, but rather part of a larger systemic breakdown. Through our podcast Buried Alive we hope to identify the societal and systemic flaws that ultimately lead to innocent people being incarcerated.

It's our hope that identifying the breakdown in the system will help us to fix it.