Support Our Podcasts

Many listeners write to ask asking how they can help support the podcasts - the answer is however you choose. The  methods below are all extremely helpful in keeping our podcasts sounding great and on the air.


Wish list

Want to help out in a different way? Our Amazon wish list contains the things we need to keep our studio running - so we can create great content. If you purchase something from our wish list it gets shipped straight to us.


Make a monthly pledge to support us and we send you a token of appreciation based on the pledge tier you choose. This is so helpful and convenient. If at any time we are able to be self sustaining again we will donate any excess to someone in neeed.


Make a one time (or multiple) donation using a credit card online with Paypal. All the donations received are used towards operating costs - if that amount exceeded then the remainder is donated to organizations working for justice.

Want to support us but are low on cash? Trust us, we get it. You can still help by giving our sponsors a shout out on Social Media and thank them for supporting the show AND tell a friend. When more people listen, more people can help solve the problem.